Tips to Protect and Maintain Your Child’s Hair This Winter Season

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Tips to Protect and Maintain Your Child’s Hair This Winter Season

The winter months can be quite harsh on hair. Thanks to the dry and unforgiving air, it is known to break and damage faster than usual. We know finding the correct maintenance routine for your child’s hair can be difficult, which is why we have put together these 5 simple suggestions to help you protect and manage your child’s hair in winter.


5 Simple suggestions to help maintain your child’s hair this winter


Moisturise your child’s hair


With the constant dry winter air, it is important to keep your child’s hair moisturised to ensure it stays healthy. You can do this by using moisturising hair products such as Native Child’s milk and honey moisture cream or make your own spritzer by mixing water with conditioner, aloe vera juice and natural oils such as olive and/or castor oil.


Thereafter, seal in the moisture with a natural oil of your choice. We recommend Native Child’s hair growth oil for kids. When applying the products and natural oils to your child’s hair, ensure that you rub it between your hands and apply it to the hair starting at the bottom working inward to the scalp.


Don’t wash your child’s hair too often


We suggest washing hair every 2 weeks during winter, unless otherwise required (sand and goggas somehow make their way to children’s hair). Washing your child’s hair too often will strip the natural oils from the hair and scalp causing it to be dry.  This can lead to dandruff and hair breakage.


Get your child a protective hairstyle


A protective hairstyle such a loose braids or cornrows is ideal during the winter months as it protects the ends of the hair from exposure to the dry air thus minimising breakage. These styles also prevent the hair from getting tangled easily.


For more information and prices on protective hairstyles visit


Remember to deep condition


Although it may be winter, it is important to occasionally give your child a deep conditioning hair treatment. It is recommended to deep condition your child’s hair at least 1-2 times a month. Native Child also offers a deep conditioner which is perfect for the maintenance of your child’s hair this winter.


Don’t apply too much heat to your child’s hair


Consider using the hair dryer as little as possible. The heat from the hairdryer with the combination of the dry winter air can contribute to extreme dryness and scalp irritation.


We look forward to seeing your little ones in our Salon and please keep warm this winter season. We hope that these tips will help you manage your child’s hair better during the winter months.


*Note: All Native Child products that have been mentioned within this article can be found at DoodleKids Salon in Centurion.


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