Helping your little one with the stresses of going to the hair salon.

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Helping your little one with the stresses of going to the hair salon.

Very often it seems that taking a child to the hair salon is a ghastly experience for both parent and child. For children, going to the hair salon can be quite daunting as their senses get bombarded by the different smells and sounds that surround them. Previous haircare experiences and the experiences of others also play a role. As parents, we don’t always understand this because it is such a pleasure when we get the chance to be pampered and we therefore tend to misinterpret why children respond the way they do. Putting the situation into perspective will give you the opportunity to help your child have a better salon experience.


After careful observation, based on our experience working with children, we at  DoodleKids Salon have compiled a few tips which we hope will help you and your child have a more pleasant salon experience.


6 Tips to help your little one have a more pleasant hair salon experience:


1. Don’t leave the experience up to their imagination, tell your child what they can expect.

This will help them mentally prepare for the process and not to over exaggerate anything that might happen. Remember to keep your tone hush and answer any questions that they may have. You can even make it more fun by playing hairdresser at home where you simulate the salon experience.

2. Accept that their reaction is not your fault.

Depending on the age of your child and mood on the day, it might be easier or harder for your child when you are present for their salon visit. We recommend that parents of kids up to 4yrs are present for the very first visit. This gives them the comfort that you are close by and that they are being protected from their overwhelming surroundings. You can then opt for drop offs once your child is accustomed to the surrounding and they feel safe and comfortable.

3. Don’t just go to any hair salon.

Pick a hair salon that has the patience and know how to deal with children. There are hair salons just like DoodleKids, that are specifically targeted at children and specialise in the styling of kids’ hair. The environment in these salons is enticing for kids and the hair stylists have been trained to assist children in their uneasy states. They also use a combination of products and hair techniques suitable for developing scalps and hair.

4. Make sure that the child has eaten.

There is nothing as irritating as hunger pangs. A hungry child will not sit still for the duration of their hair appointment. Make your child feel more comfortable by ensuring that they arrive for their hair appointment with a full stomach.

5. Keep their mind on something else.

When it comes to working with kids’ hair, distraction is key. Keep them distracted so that they do not focus on what is happening to their hair. DoodleKids Salon ensures that kids are entertained and their minds are occupied by the various fun activities, educational games and toys that they have at their disposal. Encourage them to make friends with other kids at the salon, who often act as a support mechanism during styling.

6. Give your child an incentive if they behave.

Don’t worry, this isn’t blackmail but more of a reward and it doesn’t have to be big. Tell your child that if they behave well they will be rewarded with a small toy, an ice cream or whatever it is that your child enjoys. This will alleviate their tension and allow them to focus on something that they enjoy.


We hope that these tips have given you some ideas on how to help your little one on their future journeys and adventures to the hair salon. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t sweat it! Try and try again. At DoodleKids Salon, we ensure the best for you and your children. We hope to see you soon!

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